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Foodies Deli Cafe, Sandringham

I went Foodies Deli Cafe on a lazy Saturday morning/noon and was surprised that it was buzzing with customers as the surrounding area was really quiet and residential. I first delighted in the friendly service and then ogled at the cozy and beautiful interior design rather than my boyfriend sitting opposite of me.

We ordered the giant pan breakfast ($17) which had the above (potatoes, tomatoes, chorizo, bacon, fried eggs and mushroom) drizzled in olive oil. The bread was delicious as one would expect, since it was supplied by Brasserie Bread. The ingredients had a great combination of flavour - the spiciness of the chorizo, sourness of the tomatoes, saltiness of the bacon, slight sweetness of the mushrooms.

This salad of rocket, calamari and chorizo ($17) was great to balance the heaviness of the Giant pan breakfast. There was a lot of calamari and the dressing was subtle enough for you to taste the natural flavours of the ingredients. If I were to come back to Foodies Deli Cafe (and I probably will), I think I’d reorder this rather than the Giant pan.

We then finished off with some coffee that was well-made but not aromatic enough to be amazing.

Know any great breakfast/brunch places around the St George area to recommend?

Foodies Deli Cafe

Shop 4/29 Clareville Ave,

Sandringham, 2219

(02) 9583 1111

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