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Gia Hoi, Canley Heights

My dad is a very simple man. Prior to quitting his a pack-a-day habit, he said "I’d rather have a photo of a pack of Winfield framed next to my bed than your mother" (Burrrrrn!). Nowadays, I suspect he would frame a photo of his television (which he watches his beloved sports on, while drinking a mug of Lipton Black Tea or a Crownie). Like most males he hates shopping or any sort of fanciness, refusing to drink the T2 tea I purchased for him in favour of his Lipton tea bags. 

Dad has the same attitude to his Lipton tea as he does to Gia Hoi in Canley Heights. Although there are heaps of other restaurants in the area, he always chooses this one because in dad’s words; "it’s cheap and it’s simple". It’s super cheap because there’s been a 20% off “opening special” deal going on for years and years now and it’s super simple because the decor is one of a typical Asian restaurant.

I went for one of Gia Hoi’s specialties - the bún bò Huế which is beef noodles from Huế in Vietnam.

Bún bò Huế  đặc biệt ("Special" Bún bò Huế - $11 on the menu or $8.80 after the discount)

Dad convinced me to pay $1 for the “special” rather than “normal” sized bun bo hue. Holy crap, it was the biggest bowl I’ve ever seen (maybe my recollection is skewing this but it sure seemed like the size of the those massive communal congee bowls you share with 10 people) filled with beef shanks, blood jelly, pork knuckles, pork patties and even a seafood ball (not sure if that was supposed to be there haha). Seeing my shock, the waiter joked that I “should eat all of the meal because it would help me grow up faster”.

(Thanks waiter, rub it in that I look 14 but am actually approaching my mid twenties.)

Back to the noodles though, they effing rocked my world, probably being the best version I’ve tried. The soup wasn’t too heavy like some other places are and the huge serving size just meant there was more to enjoy!

A very generous serving of salad which was incredibly fresh and helped cut the meatiness of the noodles. 

Dad went for the bún măng vịt (noodles with bamboo shoots and duck).

He thought the bún măng vịt ($11 on the menu or $8.80 after the discount) was pretty good. He liked the large serving size and the flavours of the duck (pictured right on the side plate) in the slightly sweet fish sauce and ginger.

There is so much variety on Gia Hoi’s menu which contains pretty much every Vietnamese dish that’s ever existed, on it (no joke). Gia Hoi has really efficient (and jocular) service, good tucker and is such good value for money (it ends up being around $9 for a main). It’s a double win (for your wallet and for your stomach!).

Gia Hoi
230 Canley Vale Road
Canley Heights
Ph: 9723 7324

(Also in South Bankstown and Haymarket)

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