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Venn Bar+Cafe, Perth

Venn is a shop, it’s a gallery, it’s a studio and it’s also a frigging cafe. It’s like one of those all rounder kids you had in high school - the kid who was so cool and could do everything that you really wanted to be (and half wanted to punch in the face).

In essence, I didn’t want to leave the moment I got to Venn. The open space and modern but inviting interior design was such an eye pleaser. The store stocks heaps of quirky products, so you’ll be standing there wanting to buy everything. And by the time you are pryed out of the store and into the cafe, you’ll want to sit there drinking your coffee, admiring the artworks on the walls and using the free wifi forever.

(Or at least I did).

Venn shop to the left, gallery up the stairs. Photo: courtesy of Venn.

Walking into the cafe

Food menu

Drinks menu

Soy cappucino

This was another amazing coffee in Perth. Boy, Perthians (Perthites? Perth-siders???) sure know how to do a good coffee.

Cold drip coffee x 2 (4.5 each)

We were told that the cold drip coffee with sparkling is an acquired taste and boy it was. It literally just tasted like what you’d taste if you mixed the two - there’s no other way to describe it. It’s a bit fizzy and bubbly but then the bitterness of the coffee also hits you. It’s slightly weird but nice when you get used to it.

We also tried the cold drip coffee mixed with cold milk and it just tasted like a super stronger long black. As it’ll be 3000% bitter, be prepared to mix in a shitload of sugar, provided to you on the table.

Overall, I am in love with Venn. I’ve become such a fangirl and will probably make it uncool by declaring it so totally cool… dawg… homie.

Venn Bar+Cafe
16 Queen St
Perth WA 6000

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