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Moochi, Westfield Sydney

Frozen yoghurt (or ‘fro-yo’) as it is called amongst the youngens, is the newest craze to hit since the Happy Cup, Lucky Cup and Easy Way bubble tea craze. Apparently it isn’t that new, as according to my younger sister, I am two years late on this one. She proceeded to ask me whether I was kidding that I hadn’t tried it (not even in Strathfield?!?!), before continuing to laugh at me.

So, in order to restore my street-cred, I headed out on a Friday afternoon in order to get the ‘scoop’ on this mysterious ‘fro-yo’ at Moochi’s recently opened store, in Westfield Sydney. The concept is simple; choose your fro-yo flavour (original, watermelon, green tea or pomegranate), size and then add some toppings (50c per topping).

Can’t miss the bright pink sign

I ended up grabbing the pomegranate ‘fro-yo’ and topped it with some watermelon and kiwi fruit. The fro-yo kind of has this kind of sour taste which gets quite addictive but I kind of regretted not getting a topping with more crunch e.g. crunchy nut cereal because the fruit and frozen yoghurt was so mooshy.

I much preferred the pomegranate fro-yo topped with pomegranate and moochi! The sourness of the fro-yo combined with the pop of the pomegranate was really addictive.

So in the end, I did really like fro-yo but found it to be a bit hyped up and overpriced for what it actually is. Also, the non-existence of seating in the Westfield Sydney store is a bit annoying (although you can find random Westfield seating nearby). However, it was quite refreshing dessert. For that, I’ll come back, that’s 'fro' sure ;)

So, what are your favourite fro-yo places?? What are some good flavours and toppings? Let me know below!

Moochi, Westfield Sydney
Shop 1023 Westfield Sydney
(Where Diva used to be)
Cnr Pitt St and Market St

Sydney, NSW 2000

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