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Momofuku Noodle Bar, East Village

Over the Christmas/New Year break we were in New York City and stayed in an apartment in the East Village. There were heaps of really good restaurants (e.g. Momofuku and Ippudo) nearby and we decided to check out Momofuku on New Year’s Day. 

I get a little bit excited for anything David Chang(!) and almost shit myself when we got there at 9pm. There was an hour wait for a table of three, but one of my mates decided she didn’t want to wait and walked back home. When she left, the remaining two of us were immediately seated at the bar. The lesson here is, go in groups of two people! 

Looking around the restaurant, it was filled with a lot of hipster looking people and/or aspiring models. Even the waitstaff and chefs weren’t immune and instead of a uniform, the waitstaff were identifiable by their hipster clothes and caps.


We ordered some soju slushies before ordering Chang’s famous Pork Buns. The pork is thick, melt in your mouth goodness and accompanied with green onion, cucumber and the familiar taste of hoisin sauce (the dipping sauce for pho). I could sit in front of the tele and gladly devour another 5 of those pork buns with a cold beer. Yummmmm


Next up was the momofuku ramen with pork belly, pork shoulder, poached egg. Although my ramen was good, the broth was lacking a bit of flavour. I much preferred my best friend’s spicy miso ramen with smoked chicken, green onion and sesame. That ramen was packed with flavour and was so addictive.  

The internet is heavily divided with some people thinking that the noodle bar is “overhyped”, “underwhelming” and “full of hipsters”. Although I agree that it is packed with hipsters, I thought the noodle bar was great and would definitely go back again.

Momofuku Noodle Bar
171 1st Avenue, NYC

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