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Waterbar, Woolloomooloo

Scene: After I returned from a short break, my colleague, Nathan informs me he needs to tell me something. I was thinking it’ll be something along the lines of ‘I was the one who ate all your macadamia cookies from the pantry, will you ever forgive me?’

We said words to this effect:

I’m leaving (melodramatic tone)

Leaving for where? For lunch? Ok… (Why is he telling me this?!) (Blank stare)

No, I’m leaving (emphasis on leaving)

You’re having an early mark?!

No, I’m leaving…



OH MY GOD, THE WORLD IS OVER (Commence panic attack)


Although Nathan has already left for one of the big wig firms, the team did get to see him last night for one last hurrah, for his Engagement Drinks at Waterbar. Waterbar is a bar in the middle of the massive hotel Blue in Woolloomooloo. If you look up from the bar, you can see the doors where people enter their rooms along with some great architectural design and some awesome clear lifts which light up in a rainbow of colours. There was also some live jazz music and amongst all the candles and leather seats; there was a very nice ambience.   

However, Waterbar reminded me of Bar Rouge, in that the service was excruciatingly slow even though they had an abundance of workers and not that many people waiting to be served. Anyway, once we finally got the following cocktails, were we to be wowed?

Well first up we had the La poire (19) and the French Royal (18). The La poire consisted mainly of a glass full of crushed ice and it looked like I came back with a slushee (or glass full of ice) rather than any sort of drink. It actually consisted of grey goose pear vodka, poached pear puree, homemade cinnamon liqueur, fresh lemon juice & spice syrup. shaken & served short over ice with chai spiced pear crisps. The French Royal was the better drink of the two It was served in sort of a wine glass and was nice and sweet consisting of hennessy vsop, vanilla liqueur & passionfruit puree. shaken & topped with chandon nv.

Then we had the Hemingway Daiquiri (18), pictured left and the 20th century cocktail (17), pictured right. Both cocktails again were disappointing, they lacked a certain kick to it. The Hemingway Daiquiri consisted of: havana club añejo blanco, white grapefruit juice, fresh lime & maraschino liqueur whilst the 20th century cocktail consisted of tanqueray gin, lillet blanc, fresh lemon juice & white chocolate liqueur. As you can sort of tell, they sound nice on paper but they were just OKAY.

So, unlike Bar Rouge, where after a massive wait, we were rewarded with amazing cocktails, these cocktails weren’t AMAZING. But if you want to take your friends to a really pretty place and have cocktails which aren’t too bad, Waterbar would be a good place to go.

Waterbar (In Blue Hotel)
6 Cowper Wharf Rd,
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

(02) 9331 9000

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